With FQS Interior, house painting is now an enjoyable experience as House Painters Albany makes the process of painting faster and hassle-free. We have trained and expeGIB Stopping Albanyrienced painters who make efficient and better painting. We pride ourselves on our ability to implement innovative patterns, designs and painting styles that ensure long-term results. We acquire certified tools and techniques which ensure a better finish with high efficiency and you will get sparkling
results with our no-mess tools! Better coverage and smoothness is guaranteed each time!

Plasterers, Plastering, Plasterboard Albany

FQS Interior is amongst the remarkable and trustworthy enterprises that are engaged in offering superior quality Plasterboard and Plastering services. We have been providing ultimate plastering solution for both the residential and commercial premises. Our services are performed by highly experienced, professional and dedicated team of plasterers so they offer high levels of performance, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

GIB Stopping Albany

Being one of the leading names in the industry, FQS has been supplying and installing plasterboards, which are highly known for excellent strengths and high performance. We undertake GIB Stopping and fixing jobs for both residential and commercial buildings. These plasterboards are widely demanded for ceiling and decorative purpose. Our range of plasterboards is suitable for use in both ceiling and wall linings and they combine aesthetic and acoustic performance with unique environmental properties.