Paint Color Trends for 2018

Every year paint colors are chosen by paint companies or designers to express the mood for a coming year. Whereas the Year 2017 was all about sophisticated camel accents, warm neutrals and tropical greens, 2018 is approaching, and you might be wondering what it has in its color bucket. Here we have compiled the list of colors that will be ruling in 2018.

Let’s Take a Look at Our Below Mentioned Color Trends for 2018

Classy Blush


This shade of Pink is simple and elegant, and perfect for your living space. It is also comforting and works best to create warm spring feeling in your interiors.

Vibrant, Deep Red:


This vibrant deep red can make any room stunning and elegant. In case of small rooms, this fiery red color adds active and exciting ambient in your space.

Purple Shades:


Purple is the color of royalty and creativeness and is a combination of calm blue and exciting red. Shades of purple can be used in many ways it can be dramatic or quiet or it can add drama or richness to an architecturally simple room. However, for 2018 Ultra Violet has been chosen as a “color of the year” . This rich shade of purple brings energy and depth to the space.



If black color is used in a smart way, then it can add elegance and bold feature to the space. But make sure not to use too much black. You can use it in picture frames, small tables, black chandeliers etc. to add some drama to your space.

Shades of Blue:


Blue adds clean, calm, and classic ambience to any living room. Shades of blue can be used with many different colors to create interesting vibes in a room.



Since centuries pink color has been seen as a color of feminine, which is not the case in 2018. It is losing its gendered connotation. Pink color create tender and romantic rooms, and its shades give a soothing and comfortable effect to your living area.

Vibrant Yellows and Greens:


In 2018, painting your home with vibrant colors won’t be considered as a design risk. Yellow and green shade are the warm tones that will bring a childlike joy if used in a proper way. Or else you can hire professional exterior painters or interior painters in Auckland so that you will not make the wrong choice while decorating your house.



Painting a home can become challenging sometimes. So, it is better to hire professional house painters Auckland. They will not only complete your project on time but also get the services as per your requirement and within your budget.