Expert tips to follow during and after a house painting job!

Expert tips to follow during and after a house painting job!

It seems you are looking for a painter to beautify your home. Great! As long as you know the best one for the job. Next, you have to remember that a painted house is just like a new-born child. You require caring for it very tenderly to make it last long. And we assume that when you paint the walls of your house, you desire to enjoy its beauty for at least four to five years. Well, the process of this care starts during the ongoing paint job itself.

Tips to secure your new house-paint for a long time!

Painting is so far the easiest and the most convenient way to spruce up the beauty of any place. But this convenience is highly dependent on various factors like carrying out proper plastering in Auckland homes, preparing the walls well, priming the surface, etc. And there are some more essential things to remember if you want your paint job to remain perfect and presentable for long.

 Hire only reputed painters for the job —The very first thing to remember if you want your painted surfaces to last long is to hire only the best professional  interior painters in Auckland from FQS Interior,. Their work is so perfect that it automatically gives your house the much-needed facelift and lasts longer too.

Get only the best quality paints — A long lasting painting job is also dependent upon the quality of paints. Ensure that you don’t compromise here at all.

 Never distract the painters — While the painters are doing their job of beautifying your interiors or exteriors, it is always better to leave them alone. Because if you are interfering too much or you have kids roaming in the place, this will automatically impact the painted surfaces and the proper work of these experts.

Let it dry for days — You should never rush when you are painting a surface. Because if you are in a hurry to apply a second coat and get rid of the workers in your house, you might not let the paint dry on its own completely. So basically, when the painting is not completely dry, it is very vulnerable to scratches and damage. Well, the pros in painting always recommend it to dry for at least 2/3 days in general.

Call only professionals for post painting cleaning — We understand that your house is highly messy and dirty after the painting work has finished. But it is not practical to start using a broom and cleaning it immediately after the painters leave. You might make the newly painted surface dirty in this process. What you can do is call only the professional cleaners who are experts in cleaning the house after the painting job. They know how to keep these surfaces clean and dust free while tidying the other sections of the house.

Apart from all these, if you are using only mild detergent to clean the newly painted surfaces and getting rid of stains on the spot, then there are very high chances that your painted surfaces would last longer than you expect.


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