Have you heard about these quirky home décor ideas?

Have you heard about these quirky home décor ideas?

You can never predict the coming and going of home décor themes and ideas. Some can be really creative and others practical yet totally enticing. Today, we especially selected a handful of those practical but crazy ideas for you in this post.

Some practical but creative ideas to glam up your interiors

Once you’re done with your interior plastering in Auckland via FQS Interior, the most professional and perfect painters and plasterers in the country, you can start adorning the house with different enticing colours. Next, you just need to imbibe some fun elements to bring life and character to your home. How? Read on!

A ladder as a rack — You’ll be surprised to know the importance of distressed wood in the home décor realm recently. And a ladder made of timber and then finished to exude a distressed effect can be quite good for any room. After the painters have coloured the wall with smooth swirls and perfect finish, place such a distressed looking ladder against this wall. Now, depending on the room (you are placing it), you could use it to house your indoor plants, small décor artefacts, books, etc.

 A teapot vase — The bygone era is making a statement again in the décor trends. And who said you have to use a teapot just to put and brew tea?! Do you have a breakfast nook or a sunroom or even a cute kitchen island? Put some water in a ceramic or metal teapot – mind you, the pot should be adorable to look at – now fill it up with blooms of your choice. Trust us, it shall light up your face every time you see it.

 Roped curtains and more — Soften the lines around your windows and also add an element of fun to your room by using jute ropes as your curtain wire or loop. They look wonderful when paired with curtains of natural fibre like cotton or linen. Keep the curtains muted – solid colour or tone on tone texture – so that the ropes are visibly prominent and can make the impact you expect.

 A trellis —A trellis can turn into a multifunctional decorative item that you can use in myriad ways in your home. Like, you can put up your shoes systematically in the mudroom using it or simply place all your scented candles and mini show pieces in a trellis near your accent wall. Or how about creating a vertical garden on it? Be creative, and then stand back to admire the results!

 Basket wall art — Cane baskets come in all sizes and shapes. And the more rustic they are, the better they would be for your home decor. Wondering how? Well, place some variants of these baskets on one of your walls in the living room. Decorate it further with some more artistic cane pieces around it and the effect would be totally stunning but unique. You may even consider painting the baskets for added effect or hang as is with the natural texture exposed.

 If these practical but unique home décor ideas did succeed in impressing you, try them in your home and show us the pictures! We’ll be glad to applaud your creative work.


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