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Plastering 101: Your short guide to everything about plastering

Plastering 101: Your short guide to everything about plastering

Plastering is one method used to prevent walls from damaging and increase the durability of the walls. The main idea behind plastering is the decoration of the structures of the walls. Plastering refers to the process of covering up of uneven surfaces and walls with the use of plastic material named as plaster. Plaster is prepared using sand and lime and mixing them with concrete and water. Plasters are helpful and prevent walls from cracking or seeping.

Essentials of plastering the external walls

Certain requirements need to be followed before the plastering of external walls. Plasterers in Auckland knows the exact requirements which are listed as under:

  • The plaster used should be economical as to be purchased by everyone.
  • There should be higher durability and the plaster should be hard in nature and substance.
  • The plaster should be able to adhere to all weather and climatic conditions and should not fade easily.
  • The plaster should be prepared in such a way that it withstands all weather conditions.
  • The workability of the plaster should be good and sturdy.

Methods used for plastering of external walls

In the case of plastering of external walls, certain steps should be followed which are listed as under:

  • As the first step, surveying instruments should be used for alignment and fixing of level pegs on the walls.
  • House Painters in Auckland, as the second step, take off the projections from the wall surfaces and cleans it to the core.
  • The first coat mortar filling is put up to a height of 15mm on the surface.
  • To increase the bonding of plaster on the concrete wall, cement paste should be used on top of the concrete surfaces.
  • A width between the walls and beams will be made by cutting it with the help of grinders after the plastering of the wall surface. It is filled with weather sealant.

Benefits of using plaster wall

There are so many benefits of plastering walls. Some of them are listed as under:

  • The decoration of the walls can be enhanced with the help of various finishes used in the case of plastering.
  • Plastering helps to provide longevity to the walls.
  • The walls tend to become durable after the plastering of walls. Once the walls become durable, they can withstand any weather conditions.
  • Plastering can protect walls from heat, rain, humidity, and other types of climate and weather changes.
  • Plastering is pollution-free and is not harmful to the environment.

There are so many companies which deal with the plastering of walls. You need to choose the right ones for your walls. They should be able to provide plastering at reasonable costs for anyone to buy them.


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