Top Facts That You Didn’t Know About Plasterboards

Top Facts That You Didn’t Know About Plasterboards

You might think plasterboards to be new technology or concept, but truth to be told, plasterboards have been in demand for a long-drawn time. It’s just that people don’t know much about the same and therefore it’s being thought to be a new ‘kid on the block’.

That’s the reason why we have formulated a list of of some of the significant facts that you need to know about plasterboards – with the help of GIB fixers in Auckland.

Crucial Facts You Didn’t Know About Plasterboards

Plasterboards Have Been Around For Centuries

It should be realised that plasterboards were first manufactured in the UK, during the early 1800s. The first plasterboard was imported in Australia in the year 1890 and was introduced into the local market during the 1940s. But, it was not until the 1960s that plasterboards have become a common material for construction in Australia.

This shows that technology is almost sixty to seventy years old at this point, which means that homeowners can truly trust it to use in their next construction projects.

Plasterboards Are Fire Resistant

Fire resistance is one of the major properties of plasterboards because, at the core of plasterboard, there is gypsum – which is not a flammable substance by any means. Moreover, gypsum contains a small amount of crystalline water as well. If the gypsum is first exposed to fire, the trapped water will first evaporate and will act as a fire deterrent. The gypsum can only catch fires at extremely high temperatures.

Therefore, by using plasterboards in your home with the help of house painters in Auckland, you can make your house fire-proof. Furthermore, with modern manufacturing techniques, plasterboards have become stronger than ever before.

Gypsum In Plasterboards Is A Versatile Mineral

Gypsum is a naturally transpiring mineral and is used in a wide array of products – such as shampoo and toothpaste. Gypsum is also known as ‘Plaster of Paris’ – where the gypsum is first crushed and then heated to remove at least 75 per cent of the in-built water content. This helps in the creation of a white powdered material that can mould into any shape when water is added to it.

Apart from using in plasterboards, gypsum is also used in the creation of sculptures, casts or pottery. It’s also used to create fake snowstorms in many Hollywood movies.

Plasterboards Can Be Recycled

In a world where we are moving towards environmental sustainability, this is definitely a welcoming feature. The material is 100 per cent recyclable, which means worn-out ones can be used to make new plasterboards. Moreover, gypsum can also be used as a natural fertiliser for farming needs.


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