Very useful but hidden tips for house painting coming straight from the pros!

Very useful but hidden tips for house painting coming straight from the pros!

We know you like to paint like a pro. But no matter what you do, the finishing isn’t just perfect. Well, it goes without saying that painting like an expert isn’t possible unless you’re a pro in this field. And only professional painters who have the proper knowledge, expertise, and years of experience in painting can be ideal for this task. And you of course can’t acquire so much of experience as you can only paint your home once a year and you have your own work to do as well. Naturally, the golden secrets are kept by the pros – these are the key pointers that can make you a pro in painting!

Best kept secrets about painting from experts!

Transforming your home beautifully is possible only by painting it to a perfect sheen through good house painters in Auckland. And if you want to try the same for yourself, follow the below listed secrets:

  • Sand the flaws — A smooth painted surface is only possible on a plain wall. Experts from FQS Interiors, best interior painters in Auckland, who have immense knowledge experience in painting, say that sanding throughout the surface before the main paint job makes the surface free of any rough particles, ridges, patches, etc.
  • Get the best quality supplies — Don’t pick the cheap quality paint brushes and paint! An imperfect paint finish and untidy strokes are often a result of improper supplies.
  • Use tinted primer — As you know priming is so very essential before the actual painting process. This step hides the dents, holes and marks on your walls and makes it look uniform! But if you want to know what experts do, they opt for tinted, mostly grey or cream coloured primer instead of whites. Why? Well, because it blends beautifully with your paint shade and makes it look complete and perfect!
  • The tape secrets — Did someone tell you the significance of the painter’s tape? Well, you do cover the wood and other electrical switches on the wall with a tape to prevent the paint from bleeding. But using a normal tape often leaves a sticky and untidy residue and mark behind. While a painter’s tape comes out smoothly and using it doesn’t leave any air for the paint to drip within its gaps.
  • Scrape ridges in textured ceilings — When painting the top most sides of the walls, it’s impossible for you to get a straight line without creating some bumps on the finished ceilings. That’s where the experts’ tips work. They tend to create a ridge with a screwdriver on the ceiling’s corner which makes the painting process quite easy and neat and no one sees a missing texture.

The expert painters are like magicians who can transform your home. Each one would give you a fantastic tip for painting your home. Today, we have shared the best ones from the reliable pros in painting.


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