What is GIB Stopping?

What is GIB Stopping?

The correct installation of plasterboard is crucial when it comes to interior building architecture. It enhances the aesthetics of a building’s internal walls. Additionally, getting a great finish on the wall is challenging without proper plasterboard installation or relining.

GIB stopping is therefore crucial for giving your wall a perfect finish. GIB stopping also aids in obtaining excellent finishes in several locations.

If you are competitive, you might think about doing it yourself. But it is advisable to contact a skilled tradesman for this job in order to get the finest outcomes. They will adhere to the proper GIB fixing regulations to achieve a beautiful finish within your price range. Continue reading to learn more about GIB Stopping.

What is GIB Stopping?- It is a frequently asked question. Plaster coating is applied to the GIB board during GIB stopping to hide surface flaws and connections. GIB stopping is a step in the plasterboard installation process, along with internal plastering, roughness removal, interior repainting, and wall smoothing. Your plasterboard ceilings and walls will have a silky smooth and precise appearance owing to GIB stopping. After that, the GIB boards can be decorated.

First coatings are laid for this technique, utilizing high sticky inside plaster. Then more coats are applied to create the flattest shape imaginable. To create a smooth consistency, you must then coat the joints in a GIB blocking compound that is sandable. Use a strong halogen light after sanding to refine the sand.

Places That May Need GIB Stopping


The bathroom is among the most costly rooms to remodel or build in a house. In addition, bathrooms are quickly rising to the top of the list of elegantly designed home components. It goes without saying that creating a gorgeous bathroom demands a lot of attention to detail.

Even if it is a very modest space, you would like it to look appealing because it is a part of your home. As a result, it’s crucial to work with professional craftspeople to ensure that your bathroom is finished beautifully. A skilled plastering crew can efficiently finish the task on schedule. They will paint your bath to the highest standards.

Residential Places

You will require highly skilled craftsmen if you want to remodel a residential building that is currently occupied. They’ll finish the renovations on schedule, so there won’t be much disturbance. Additionally, they will guarantee that the interior GIB stopping or plastering process is completed flawlessly. Their skilled team will plan the development’s completion to suit your comfort. Maintaining cleanliness is also significant when it comes to renewing your inhabited residential space and can only be achieved by professional experts.

Here, it is essential to seek assistance from a reputable GIB Stopper. Your furnishings, floors, and digital equipment will all be protected as they operate on the job. Thus, the work may be finished without causing the owners too much discomfort.


If you live in Auckland or one of the nearby areas, you are never far from FQS Interior. Call us at any time to discuss your GIB stopping needs. We can repair any worn-out or dated-looking walls or ceilings for you at a price that fits your budget. You will be thrilled with the outcomes that withstand the passage of time in just a few short hours. You’ll get a flawless, brand-new finish with no flaws; all the cracks and gaps will be filled in.


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